red @ night

Working the streets, the tourists, and the night.

Southern Thailand’s tourist destinations more often then not can be quite eye opening and shocking to the common westerner as they walk the popular streets by night. Bar on top of bar, girl after girl, or lady boy after lady boy, grey hair man after grey hair man…

Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket, Thailand, is one of these popular party destinations, where you will find accepted prostitution in every bar, age not mattered. Of course this destination attracts all sorts of tourists, however the majority you will find when scanning the thousands are male men commonly above age 45… the rest is up for you to figure out…

If your interested in the matter and happen to be spending some time in one of these tourist destinations, get to know some of the ‘bar girls’ on a friendly level, they will speak openly about their experience; and they certainly do have some experiences to share…

red girl


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