fish huts

I grew up next to these fish huts. Right across the road from them was my father fish plant where he spent most of his working hours. As a child and throughout my teenager years, I too, spend quite a bit of time here.

I was recently back in my hometown and was taking a drive ‘down the shore’ as we would say and do often enough, and surpisingly noticed that someone had painted them in bright colors!

The fish plant has had new owners for quite some years now and the wife is a folk painter, so I later learned that she was the one behind the idea of painting them! I thought it was just a brilliant idea! Hopefully when the summer arrives this year, more will get painted. It really brought some vibrancy to an already unique and quant fishing cove. 


2 thoughts on “fish huts

  1. Wow Yessica. These are awesome. I feel like I am visiting these places through your eyes, or lens. The colours, expressions, and emotions are all so vivid. You’re making me want to travel to these places. The world is so vast. It’s wonderful to see your interpretation through your photography.

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    1. Thanks Jared! Really appreciate your kind words and feedback!! Haha you should for sure do some traveling when you get the chance!! I’ll be heading back to Canada east coast soon 🙂 then not sure where the next adventure will be! Hope all is well with you 🙂


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