old phuket town

Wandering down Thalang, Rd in Old Phuket Town the other day. I ended up walking up and down the road a few times and along some other joining ones. I passed this man all of those few times, but it wasn’t until one of my last passings that I worked the courage up to say hello and start a conversation (I’m working on this courage, every time I go out shooting).

His words were few, however he did understand what I was attempting to say in Thai. Following our brief and broken words, I asked him after if I could take a picture of him. His head nod and smile insinuated a yes! That would be no problem.

I have a few shots of him being quite serious with no smile (I have found that older thais tend to put on a serious face when you ask for their photograph, younger ones normally like to smile and make a peace sign by their face or they are too shy), so I asked him to smile in Thai, after which I got the following result 🙂

He was really happy to put on a big smile!


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