Sino – Portuguese Reflections

Wandering around Old Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand, one finds themselves surrounded by a beautiful and old architectural history, dating back to about one century ago. Here the building style is Sino – Portuguese, lining both sides of the road; today most of them having been converted into shop houses. Historians say that this European influence came from the Portuguese and British, whom were hungry for the tin mines found here in Phuket.

As I walked down Thalang Road, the details and vibrant colors of these shophouses instantly took my attention. In this particular shot, I found this wall and door to be quite fascinating. The tile work on the wall is so colourful and pops out at you as you stroll by. The door is very tall with the classical carved bars running up the top half. I love this style of door! In the bottom half, as seen in the photo, there are mirrors and more detailed tiling. In the reflection one can see a truck and a women passing by.

I found this photo to be very interesting in the sense that it captures both, the historic elements of the old – architecturally speaking – and the new, modernized world of today, in the reflection.

This is a great wall of many words!



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