leks handmade bags

This is Lek. He is a craftsman from Bangkok, who now resides in Koh Phi Phi. Lek has a small shop by the beach where he does what he loves to do; make handmade crafts from leather, mostly hand making  bags. His shop is called: Made on the Beach. On his wooden sign, he has painted the name of the shop in style which is representative of the 70’s (seen in some of the pictures). The ‘O’ in ‘on’ is represented by a peace sign.

I stumbled upon his shop one evening and was naturally drawn to the ambience of the place. I love fringe, especially on bags, and pretty much every bag in there had some sort of fringe design and/or an individualistic style of its own. I also just love handcrafts of any sort, plus the place was very intriguing and mysterious due to the combination of many hanging fringe bags and the lighting of the shop. It smelled of artistic and creative vibes.  So in I went.

After chatting for a while, and exchanging stories, I asked him if I could get some photos of him and his shop. He was very keen to do so, so we had a mini photo shoot! He naturally found the various spots in his shop where he wanted to pose, so there were few directions coming from me. I told him I would send him the photos once back home and settled in.

Back on the ‘mainland’ after a few days in Phi Phi and my friend who was visiting has headed back, I finally had some time to sit down with the photos and go through them. After some revision, I sent him a few and he was really pleased with the results. If your ever in Koh Phi Phi, ask around for Khun Lek and his shop, Made on the Beach! Take look and meet the craftsman himself 🙂


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