trucks in motion

For this weeks post themed, Motion, I chose a few photos from a few years ago that was taken on my film camera (Minolta XG7). Myself and two friends had gone on a visa run to Loas via bus, which only took about 24 hours one way! Never going to do that again! Only one represents the theme.

After living here for some time, you learn quite quickly that the roads are definitely not safe. There are a lot of accidents due to a long list of factors… Anyway, we had spent a few days in Laos sorting out our visas and then headed back towards to Phuket. On the way, somewhere along the never ending road, our bus broke down… The photos I am sharing are from the few hours we had to spend sitting on the side of the road waiting. Which turned out to be entertaining non-the-less. Seen in one of the below photos, someone showed up with their small, pet monkey…

A large majority of the cars, pick-up trucks, construction trucks of every kind, mini vans and buses, travel at extreme speeds on these highways. Not everyone is driving crazy, but a lot are.

The motion of the truck seen in the photo appears normal and you can’t tell what speed it is moving at, however it was moving at quite a rapid speed and whizzed by.  Beware of the large trucks on the road!

*These photos are double exposures In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”


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