on the way – by foot

When your visiting a new place and your travelling alone and your a photographer, you can’t wait to get out on foot and explore the new place – this is the case for me anyway. So in the run of my day, I’m ‘on the way’ to somewhere or nowhere. I love to wander the streets with no direction at all – except keeping in mind where the next restaurant stop might be…

For this photo challenge, ‘on the way’, I am again going to share some photos from a recent trip to Penang, Malaysia. My ‘on the way’ was during the one full day I had there to explore, where I was on the way to no exact place, but on the way somewhere!

Ive chosen a few photos I took in chronological order from mid day to sunset.

The below photo was the first of the day, while out on foot, on my way to nowhere…

On one street, a man up on the second floor of his house, waved down to me and gestured for his photo to be taken – so I happily took it!

Teski aka Taxi – Malay words can sometimes sound similar to english ones – I thought this was a funny one!

Getting closer to sunset, I ended up passing a Catholic information service centre… which I thought was interesting.

Last photo of the day was snapped while passing this big building, which I have no idea what is used for, however the reflection took my eye.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”


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