raining umbrellas

The low season, also know as the rainy season is upon us here in the south of Thailand. That means unpredictable and  often dramatic rain falls through out the run of day. We are not graced by heavens thunder showers every day, however compared to the dry season, where it might not rain for up to 5 months, it does rain A LOT. When leaving the house on motorbike, you must be sure to check that you have a rain coat under the seat. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to make a b-line for a 7/11 to buy another raincoat because of a sudden downpour and because I forgot mine at home, or pull off the road to the nearest shelter till the rain passes, because there is no 7/11 around. But it is all part of the fun of it (unless your on your way to work, then it really does suck)!

The below photos are of a large shopping mall in Phuket Town, which is called Central Festival – much like the Halifax Shopping Centre, back in Nova Scotia. I was there the other day on a public holiday, known as Buddha Day, and to my surprise I saw that they have decorated the place in celebration of this years rainy season. They had various set ups throughout the mall, which were all constructed of umbrellas. It looked pretty cool!








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